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Freediving, also known as apnea, is a more natural and liberating way to interact with underwater nature. Freediving education and training is intended for anyone, all you need is two lungs and the courage to try something new. Dive in to explore why freediving with us can be the most memorable part of your holiday. 

Mabuhay to Siquijor Island! 


Who We Are

We are the first freediving school and advanced training center on Siquijor Island, Philippines. We're conveniently located at the Siquijor Divers Dive Shop in San Juan, Maite. As an AIDA International freediving center, we offer beginner courses, certifications, advanced training and recreational dives.

We also run boat excursions to Apo Island and Silinog Island, where you can freedive among sea turtles and occasionally also whale sharks. We offer accommodation, food and nightlife all under one roof. So you can come and focus only on your freediving!


Freedive With Us?

Freediving (also known as apnea in Europe) is the sport of breath-holding while underwater. Freediving is very safe and anyone can learn how to do it. Freediving education is surprisingly more involved than learning to scuba dive.


You will theory on physics, physiology and biology of the human body while submerged. We train in static, dynamic and depth apnea as disciplines. You will learn the correct finning technique to be hydrodynamic while underwater and how to maximize the "one full breath" we can take. After only the beginner course, you can walk away with a 3 minute breath-hold and the skill to dive down to 20 meters (65 feet) on one breath! 

Anyone can to do this with the right education program and environment. Contacts us if you have any questions!

A Freediver's Paradise

Based in Maite, San Juan on Siquijor Island, Siquijor Freedivers offers premium freediving education and training. Our modern and fully equipped facility is located at Siquijor Divers Dive Shop and in walking distance to the best restaurants, bars and nightlife on the island.


Learn to freedive among stunning coral reefs and then continue on to advance depth training in open water. We offer teaching and depth training up to 75 meters of water. Whether you are looking for a discovery freediver course, advanced training, recreational dives or underwater photography, we have you covered. 

Come visit us to experience the incredible sport of freediving (apnea) in one of the most beautiful places in the Central Visayas, Philippines.


The Dive Shop

Siquijor Divers Dive Shop

As the only facility offering technical diving education and training, Siquijor Divers is one of the top diving destinations on the Island. 

Siquijor Divers offer lodging, a restaurant and a bar all on site. If you're looking for a premium diving destination where everything is located under one roof, you've found us. 


Contact Us

On the Island? Pass by the dive shop any time to say hello and ask us about freediving.


Get in touch in advance regarding bookings, courses, training or recreational dives.

Walay Sapayan to Siquijor Freedivers!

San Juan, Maite, Siquijor Island, 6227, Philippines


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Siquijor Freediving School

Maite, San Juan, Siquijor Island, 6227, Philippines

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